pitch circle

pitch circle
pitch circle
an imaginary circle that intersects the teeth of a gear at the actual points where the teeth mesh with another gear: the pitch circles of two enmeshed gears are tangent

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  • Pitch circle — Pitch Pitch, n. 1. A throw; a toss; a cast, as of something from the hand; as, a good pitch in quoits. [1913 Webster] {Pitch and toss}, a game played by tossing up a coin, and calling Heads or tails; hence: {To play pitch and toss with… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • Pitch circle — In mechanical engineering, a pitch circle (operating) is the curve of intersection of a pitch surface of revolution and a plane of rotation. It is the imaginary circle that rolls without slipping with a pitch circle of a mating gear.1 Notes 1.… …   Wikipedia

  • pitch circle — Mach. an imaginary circle within the profiles of the teeth of a gear, such that it rotates against a similar circle rotating at the same rate on a meshing gear. Also called pitch line. [1810 20] * * * …   Universalium

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  • pitch circle — /ˈpɪtʃ sɜkəl/ (say pich serkuhl) noun an imaginary circle concentric with the axis of a toothed wheel, at such a distance from the base of the teeth that it is in contact with and rolls upon a similar circle of another toothed wheel engaging with …   Australian English dictionary

  • pitch circle — (PC) the circumference on which the centers of the wheel bolt holes are located …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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